A Journey to Self-Discovery: Part IV

Well, well, well. Happy New Year!

Here we are, part four of my journey to self-discovery. So, how did I get here? Well, being unemployed since the end of October, I’m happy to say I have accepted a job offer (woohoo!). This piece is really a reflection on my past few months digging through the trenches of myself and figuring out what is important and what my goals are. I saw a great post on Instagram where someone had brilliantly split up their goals in such a simple way that I had to follow suit.

Goal categories:

  1. Home 
  2. Health
  3. Wealth

Home: What do you want this year at home? This can include your relationships with friends and family, larger projects around your home that you want to complete, etc.

Health: How are you going to take care of yourself this year? Your fitness, eating habits, self-care, etc.

Wealth: This doesn’t mean “how do you want to get rich?” Goals like buying a home or a new car, saying more money each month, starting your retirement fund or life insurance, paying off this bill or that loan, exploring a new career, etc.

So, this is how I’m moving along on my journey to self-discovery. Next up, what goals did I come up with and what’s next? Stay tuned! Don’t forget to follow my blog. 🙂

What are your 2016 goals, wishes and wants? 


Self-Discovery in Practice: Self-Care


Spending time on the east coast with my friends – and at Thanksgiving next week, my family – has been refreshing. I’ve worked on finding a balance between keeping myself busy and sleeping in until noon just because I can. It’s great to be able to relax and still work on the to-do list I would have even if I were home, and it’s rewarding to help out friends here and to help out at the local shelter here where I started my career in social work.

Driving through my undergrad college town of Radford, Virginia brings back fond memories for me and when I lived here – it seems like such a lifetime ago. I was such a different person then, exploring and learning about life and who I wanted to be. Being active and outdoorsy was not me and was not part of my self-care. Now as I am here enjoying the fall weather instead of the negative temps and snow that we have back home in Fairbanks right now, I am longing for my road bike and wishing I had packed her up and brought her along (anyone have a road bike I can borrow while i’m here?!). I get to enjoy trails here like I never did before – running and listening to the rhythm of my breathing, the light breeze blowing and the creek flowing. Stopping by the river to watch the leaves fall off the trees as they hit the river and float away.

I get to find new Crossfit boxes to call my “go-to” boxes when I’m visiting home. Here, I have Crossfit Radford and when I stay with my Dad, I have South Riding Crossfit. When you move away from a place that always has a piece of your heart, you find new ways to love and appreciate it when you get to come back.

So as I am ever so much watching the sun shine outside and craving my road bike (btw, it rained yesterday – take that winter in Alaska), I am getting out and running. Enjoying the fall drenched trails and getting a few more miles on my feet to run a 5k with one of my closest friends next week, which is exciting and special to me as together yet 5,000 miles apart, the two of us have struggled through our individual journeys in running. Now, we finally get to run a race together.


Take care of yourself, friends. It’s so important.

My Healthy Living Journey

Recently, I joined two of my favorite people, the Katz family, and completed a 60-day challenge as a team at our gym. Although our team didn’t win, one of our team members won the whole challenge. I was so proud of him and inspired. One of the biggest things for me during this 60-day challenge was joining others on their journey. I wanted to share both my written and video testimony at the end of the challenge.

I surprisingly lost 4 lbs., around 4 total inches and 7% Body Fat. I concentrated on strength for this challenge, and did a lot of cycling and swimming for a TRI that I was training for. I lost a lot of fat/gained muscle in my thighs alone from all of the cycling. I can say with my new road bike, I seriously fell in love with cycling.

My video testimony:

My written testimony:
I was surprised by my measurements today. I didn’t think I would have lost any weight! I came very close to meeting my personal goal of a no-band pull up and I started with the blue one when I set the goal a month ago! Now I am a step away from using no-band at all. I have set some really great personal fitness goals and it’s my belief that you always keep doing this – no matter how big or small that goal is. Whether it be doing a push up or finishing a marathon. Nothing is out of your realm of possibilities – I have just discovered that some things take longer to get there. Even when I started my journey, I never expected to be where I am. You start with one small step and one day you look back and realize how far in the distance that step is. The most amazing part of this 60 day challenge for me has been watching other peoples’ journeys – ALL OF YOU. I’ve made friends, I ‘ve gotten stronger and more fit – yes, yes, yes. But when someone allows you to be part of their journey, it is incredibly inspiring and powerful.

For most of the world around us, we don’t know peoples’ journeys. We don’t know if they were once healthy and fit and now are obese and sick. But people around them judge them. We also don’t know the skinny girl in the store and her journey to being an athlete – because we don’t know her. But most will judge her. They may say she is anorexic or too skinny. They may say she is not a role model just because of how she is built, not knowing anything about her. 

Here, I get to be part of your journey and you all part of mine. With encouragement instead of judgment. With the true vision of how we want the world to see fitness: as a lifestyle of eating healthy, being active and sharing that joy with our friends and family. So THANK YOU all (at Elite Urban Fitness) for being courageous enough to take on the challenge and let me see you progress and cheer you on. It has been TRUELY inspiring!!!

Remember that you can do more than you think you can. You are more than you are think you are. Set goal. Exceed Goal. REPEAT. If you fall down, get back up and do it again. #fearless2014