On Second Thought…

I decided to give in and rented a road bike…

After staring out at the sunshine here in Southwest Virginia on Thursday, I decided the voice of the road calling was too loud. I had to go and rent a road bike. So I headed out to Blacksburg to HokieSpokes in the early afternoon, rented a bike for 2 weeks (being their off-season helps to get a good deal), and hoped on my brand new Fuji road bike (new brand for me to ride!) rental and headed up the road to hit the Huckleberry Trail and get my cycling legs back.

A short 12 miles felt great and I kind of liked the thrill of racing the sunset back to the parking lot. It reminded me of a 34 mile ride me and my friend Erin did to end out 2014 season by riding the Goldstream – Steese – McGrath – Farmers Loop circle where we just barely made it back on our Alaska fall ride before the sun set on us. Sometimes you’re just out having too much fun!


2015 Tour de Cure RIDE for Diabetes!

It is that time of year again, readers!!

This year, I’ve decided to team up with my graduate school and ride with the USC School of Work! We have created teams across the nation to ride together in spirit and raise money for diabetes! This year, I have a bigger goal and I’ll be riding twice as far! I am working on surpassing my goal and shooting to raise $750!! This year, I’ll ride twice as far as last year to thank everyone for their donations and do the 100k in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure cycling event on May 30th here in Fairbanks, Alaska! Diabetes touches so many of our lives. PLEASE share this on your own blog, though your email and on your social media sites! Whats its going to hurt to do a little sharing for a fellow blogger?

Why am I riding?

For my community and the many neighbors, friends, and consumers that I work with every day that deal with Type I and Type II diabetes. I have been personally touched by diabetes – having loved ones who’s diabetes has lead to serious medical conditions including heart attacks and heart surgery. I thought to myself, what if I could work towards preventing this? Community education and prevention is close to my heart, no matter the topic. I want the people around me that I love and care about to be able to live happy and healthy lives and know how to take care of themselves. These are the people I am riding for!

What’s my goal & Where does your donation go?

I’m trying to fundraise at least $750 (thats right!) for the American Diabetes Association! Donations go towards:

  • Funding research for a cure
  • Community-based programs education programs
  • Diabetes prevention information
  • Advocacy for those living with diabetes
  • Public awareness events

Go here to my Personal Page and Click “Donate Now” to make a donation of ANY amount for my ride! Even $10 makes a difference!!! You can make a donation by credit card or paypal. If you’d like to send a check made out to the American Diabetes Association instead, please let me know! 

Fall Cycling in Alaska

Week ONE of graduate school classes down. I just took a new position as a Prevention Coordinator at a new agency. I start in another week and I could not be more excited! I worked probably 70 hours this past week, so I planned to take this weekend to do some homework and get in some running and riding. Well, Friday night had different plans. I ended up with the 24 hour stomach bug going around and spent all day yesterday resting in a different, un fun way. Today, I got to watch the beautiful fall leaves falling and the extremely warm fall temperatures as I caught up on schoolwork and continued to recover. So, I thought I would share some pictures from the past week of great weather and the one beautiful fall ride I did get in.

I also convinced to join Instagram, since I do love photographing so much. Follow me @akgirlruns




Happy Fall! Get out and ride, run, or just have fun! 

Cycling in Denali National Park


I have been so busy getting ready for Alaska summer, prepping my garden to plant my starters and now working on grad school applications that I just now have time to breathe and share with you all this ridiculous bike trip I recently took.


It started as two. I saw some great pictures of my friend biking in Denali and wondered why I hadn’t done it. So I convinced my friend do it with me. We set a date for a long day trip down to Denali, which is only two hours away. I sent out an email to the LOL all-female biking group I’m in and the Fairbanks Cycling Club to see if anyone else wanted to join us. I ended up coordinating an entire trip down, carpooling and all, and we ended up with 9 people total. My friend said my detailed emails were so ridiculous and helpful, I should always be the one coordinating trips like this.


We all met up at 7:00am in the local grocery store parking lot. Bathroom breaks, coffee-fixes, going over the plan for the drive down, etc… and we were off. We managed to make it to the visitor’s center at the Denali Entrance around 10:15am, regrouped, got our passes and went over the plan to meet at Teklanika campground at 29.1 mile on the Park Rd. We chose the last day you chose drive in to Teklanika without a campground pass. We also managed to choose the only day in the past 2 weeks that it was sunny and warm. We would likely be doing this true Alaskan-style – which we did.


We regrouped at Teklanika Campground at 29.1 mile. The plan was to hit the Park Rd and ride over Sable Pass and crest Polychrome Pass and stop at the overlook for lunch, then head back. Roundtrip it was approximately 34 miles. I just finished a Triathlon and was training for another, had been cycling quite a bit, but this would still end up being the toughest ride I had ever done. It ended up raining, snowing, hailing and did I mention I love going really fast downhill? The catch is, I love doing it on pavement, not dirt and gravel. That was a little unnerving for me but once I got comfortable, it wasn’t so bad.


I did this ride on my 2014 Specialized Arial hybrid. 34 miles in the rain and mud was probably equivalent to 60 miles on my road bike. Some of the musts on my pack list included TWO extra tubes, travel pump, patch kit, plenty of layers prepared for rain, snow and wind (the passes are definitely windy), snacks, extra water, and a camera. My funny story on layers is that I was a layer short for wind pants. I had two layers on, but should have brought an extra wind layer – my cross-country ski pants would have been idea. I ended up borrowing a very stylish blue pair from a friend in the group for the windy ride back down Polychrome Pass. It made for some laughs and a hilarious picture-op.


Denali is a most awe-inspiring place to be. It is peaceful; it is overwhelming larger than you, and even when it’s snowing with no sign of big Denali in sight, it is still one of the most beautiful places in the world to be. We saw one grizzly, caribou, and plenty of birds. I’m pretty sure the Ptarmigan were laughing at me when I was chugging up Sable Pass on the way back.


If you are a cyclist, make sure Denali, any part of it, is on your to-do list. I’m still debating on if I’ll do it again on days that are beautiful, sunny and clear. The adventurous possibilities are really endless. Biking the Denali Highway and biking Anchorage to Seward are also on my list. This was the toughest ride for me to date and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. We did it Alaska style – rough and tough. You might want to check the weather first.



do not take or share any photographs without permission



Cycling for a Cause: 50k Tour De Cure

The time for my Tour de Cure race is getting closer and closer! I am still fundraising – friends,family and readers! Join my cause! http://main.diabetes.org/goto/christinadavis

Alaska Girl Living

Hey Friends, Family & Blog Readers!

Here in Alaska, it’s been warm and we are getting so much sun (gaining almost 7 minutes a day)! Which means spring is around the corner and reminds me that I should be getting hard into my training mode. I’m training for my first Triathlon this May! It’s so exciting! But even more importantly, I’m training to ride 50k in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure cycling event on May 31st here in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Why am I riding?

For my community and the many neighbors, friends, and consumers that I work with every day that deal with Type I and Type II diabetes. Recently, I have known two individuals who have lived with diabetes for many years and had a heart attack. Now, they are working to change the way they eat, the way they exercise and essentially, their entire lifestyle…

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