I’m a southern girl, born and raised in a land full of civil war battlefields and monuments. Once developers settled into my hometown, my love of rural living took me off to college even further south. Being young, unmarried and without children after college, my adventurous side wouldn’t allow me to plant my roots just yet. My love of big adventure and small town living brought me to Fairbanks, Alaska. So here I am, in the current chapter of my life. With all these ideas in my head and my everlasting, secret love of writing, I thought I would finally start writing a blog. Here you’ll find my life as a southern girl living in the Last Frontier and any other musings I may see fit to share.



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      • Its beautiful here, full of mountains, trails, and life! There is alot left to explore. Its truely a place where the great outdoors is still in control, not us humans. If nothing else, Alaska should be on everyone’s to visit list.

      • Yeah, it is one of the last true great outdoors. I have a friend from HS who lives up there now and she really enjoys it. Hard to be away from family but she likes the area. The long days and/or nights would be kind of rough/hard to get use to, but I would love to visit up there. I also want to visit Canada

  1. Do love the peaceful, natural beauty of Alaska. From my ltime there it would be a nice place to spend a lot more time in in the summer. Look forward to checking out your future posts!

    • It’s a great place, especially in the summer! I read your post on coffee along the inside passage – hopefully you’ll get to check out all the other coffee in Alaska, along with the huge amount of microbreweries we have (considering our pop., we have a lot). I have a few posts on AK-specifically, with plenty more to come.

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