Run for a Reason – Drumstick Dash 5k


As soon as my bestie found out I was coming home, she immediately recruited me for a 5k. I, of course, accepted. Although to be honest, this year has been a rough one in the way of running. It’s been nearly 10 months since I tore my quad and quite the year of recovery. In general, I am looking forward to a fresh 2016. It’s taken me the longest to get back to running, and most days out I feel like I have never run a day in my life. Honestly, this 5k wasn’t much different. But I went out with a goal of running it in under 34 minutes. Slow, slow, I know. I usually feel like molasses running nowadays, especially when a year ago, I was in the best shape of my life – having finished out the year doing several 5ks, relays, 10ks, bike tours, and triathlons and finished the year with a 50 mile bike ride in Hawaii. But, the doc tell me to take it easy nowadays and keep a nice pace – focus on building strength and pretend that I’m starting as a fresh, new runner. Bummer. But its working, slowly but surely.

So I finished the race in 33:57 (3 seconds under my goal!), and was pretty proud of myself. A mile or so into the race, I realized it was the first race I have ever done outside of Alaska. On top of that, the Roanoke Drumstick Dash 5k raises money for the Roanoke Mission, providing services and food for those who are homeless in the Roanoke Valley.

It’s a nice race to end the year with. What will you be running for this season?


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