Who needs a DJ, anyway?

Another adventure update in wedding planning! There are quite a few! I’m amazed at how far I’ve gotten in wedding planning and we have 237 days left until the big day!

  1. I found MY dress! Unexpected but exciting.
  2. I found the perfect bridesmaid dresses! Also exciting.
  3. We found an officiant who is a friend of the fiance and makes it much more special to us.
  4. 2 of the 3 groomsman have been asked and have accepted. Thank goodness!
  5. We found a caterer that we (well more I) just love! Deposit down! Woo-hoo! Glad to be able to say “we’re not going with you” to the flakey caterer in town.
  6. Engagement photos are scheduled for December and Save the Dates will go out in January. This year, don’t look for a Christmas card from us. We’ll be doing “holiday season” cards because we are lazy and want to save postage when we send out our Save the Dates (there’s a little tip for ya!).
  7. We decided – ain’t no body got money for a DJ!

No money for a DJ, you say? Well, $1,000+ for someone to play music and tell people to get movin’ and grovin’ seemed like a big waste to us in our modest budget. I should, however, give a disclosure here that I do have friends and friends of friends who are DJs. I don’t doubt that what they do is useful and engaging. In fact, I asked a connection I have who is a DJ/Emcee to do our wedding in hopes to get a good price and make it worth it. He is engaging and plays a great variety of music, making him both a great DJ and emcee. However, he was unavailable on our wedding day.

So, that being said, after lots of searching around, getting opinions and seeing what other friends have done or are planning to do – we decided on not hiring a DJ/Emcee combo. You might also ask “why not live music, then?” Well, that would be a lot to agree on and with our varying music tastes, me and fiance could probably never find a live band we both wanted for our wedding. Plus, he was not so partial to the idea of a live band. So, here’s what we are planning:

  1. To use that extra money on my dress and our caterer.
  2. Using Spotify as our playlist. You can add what songs you want and upgrade to skip the commercials. Its like Pandora on steroids.
  3. Enlist a friend to “emcee” the important stuff for us like intro, first dance, cupcake cutting (yes, cupcake), speeches, etc. Of all the people we know, we are pretty sure we (1)have someone willing to do it and (2)have someone awesome enough to do it.

I’ll let you know what our recommendation ends up being depending on how this goes! #brideonabudget


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