We’re Engaged!

That’s right, you read the title correctly. I am finally engaged! But really, I shouldn’t say finally because the timing is just right. So often we use finally in our sentences as if to say “its taken forever and my patience is running out…” for life hands us everything in the its correct timing. My upcoming posts will explain more (wink wink).

So… the engagement! Oh my! Oh my! How did he pop the question? After recently graduating from USC with my Master of Social Work (MSW), my partner took me out for a nice dinner at Lavelle’s. At dinner, he gave me a present to celebrate my success in graduating. I opened it and it was a beautiful stemless wine glass with an etched sea otter. He said “I combined your two favorite things – wine and sea otters.” As I went to put it back in the box, he said “wait, there’s more. Keep digging in the box.” So I pulled out tons of newspaper and found a small, round, plastic case maybe half an inch thick. I picked it up and it held… a beautiful ring! I looked up at Scott and said, with tearful eyes, “what is this?!” and he of course said “will you marry me?” Of course, of course! The ring is a beautiful gold band that belonged to his great grandmother. I admire it everyday. It is so beautiful, simple and fitting to me and to us as a couple!

Now we are around 2 1/2 months into our engagement and busy busy planning for our summer 2016 Alaska wedding. It is so exciting! We have much of the big things done, which is exciting. But planning a wedding in the small town of Fairbanks, Alaska? Talk about crazy! But planning our wedding has been fun and I’ll share more as we go – which includes where I do and don’t recommend going if you, too, want to plan your wedding in our small little town in Alaska.


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