A Journey to Self-Discovery: Part I

So this is a pretty big blog post here. Almost three weeks ago, I lost my job. My position at the non-profit I’ve been working at and building a prevention program at lost its funding. I could go into a long explanation of this, but right now, I won’t. I’ve done a lot of thinking and began some soul searching on what is next for me. I have been lucky enough to visit home (Virginia) and get to do some of this soul searching (and job searching) while getting to visit friends and family.

Ya know, it is really surprising how people look at you when they’ve found out you’ve lost your job. It’s as if you’ve gotten a divorce or worse. But really, I’m OK. I don’t need anyone to reassure me that I’ll be OK, either. It’s nice to feel supported and cared about, in fact it’s actually something that I am very blessed to have in my life at this age, but losing my job has been a blessing in disguise. At first, I was devastated, but now I feel that I am being forced to find a new door that waiting for me to walk through it in my career. I finished my MSW in August, and it is being begged to used. Now I have time to self-reflect, and decide what is next for me as I search for what my community needs and where I fit into it.

This is my new journey: Part I.


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