I just survived grad school…and a torn quad…and an ulu attack

Well, I am back! I just crawled out of my cave known as grad school. I have this on-going list of all of the things I have wanted to blog about, but never got the time to do. I am convinced that grad school prepares you for having children.

  1. You get no sleep, or you get it in short spurts (you learn the value of napping as an adult)
  2. There is a lot of screaming (sometimes its you, sometimes its your partner, sometimes its your professor)
  3. There is a lot of crying (this is mostly you…)
  4. Social time is a thing of the past and its really really exciting when you get it go out
  5. You can never focus on just one thing, since your mind is in 15 different places (note here that I worked, interned, volunteer, went to school and managed to find sooooome time for working out)
  6. The gym no longer takes priority in your life
  7. Your standards of how clean your house should be no longer exist
  8. Putting your keys in the fridge or accidentally leaving the house in your slippers becomes normal
  9. Cry at a drop of a dime, over something that doesn’t seem like its worth crying over, just because its the point at which its time for you to have a little breakdown and cry.
  10. When you come out the other side, it will all seem like a blur. A very worth it blur.
  11. It costs you tens of thousands of dollars that you are hoping will pay off in the long run.

Along this journey, I managed to do quite a bit, which I only wish I had time to share with all of you. That is one of my new goals. To share this amazing journey I’ve had this past year. 2015 has been the year I feel like I’ve found my true Alaskan self. But its been a struggle, as well. Earlier this year (February), I was training for the crossfit games, and tore my quad. I am still in recovery for it, back to doing everything except running like I previously was. As I enjoy the end of our Alaskan summer, I am busy taking the last of my vacations (currently in Juneau), making jam and jelly and canning salmon for the summer. On Monday, the day before I left for my vacation, I managed to slice my finger with my ulu while cleaning it after cutting up salmon to can, and off to the ER I went, near the middle of the night, for my first 4 stitches ever!

Stay tuned, I’m back at the blogging game, and ready to share about my adventures in quad recovery, making fireweed jelly for the first time, dip netting in Chitna, and taking a slice out of life (or my finger for that matter) to make canned salmon for my family and friends!



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