Grad school is…time consuming: A list of how to survive it all

I cannot believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted! This must be why my following isn’t very large, eh? My first of three semesters has come and gone, and as we speak I am putting off an assignment. I’ve working and interning, taking on a full courseload and trying REALLY hard to make it my Crossfit Box more than twice a week.

But let me tell you…it’s tough. My plate is always full. But, I am still learning as I go and since working out and staying active is also such a passion of mine, as is success in my internship, career, and school – I am trying to make a list to succeed these next two semesters. It’s still a work in progress:

1. Buy a life planner (seriously, Erin Condren makes one:

2. Time management the shit out of EVERY day. Refer to #1 if you need a method.

3. Sign up for an event. I just signed up for the 100k Tour de Cure in May. This means I HAVE to get on a bike and often between now and then.

4. I decided to sign up for our 12 week challenge at my Crossfit Box – SunDog Crossfit. Why do I need more to do, you ask? Because it holds me accountable and helps me set and stick to the fitness goals I have. The reality is, I am less productive, low on energy, and CRANKY when I’m not active as much as I want to be throughout the week.

5. Learning to say yes to going to the hockey game. If I don’t take 2 hours here and there to go to dinner, the movies, a hockey game, out skiing or stepping away from the computer, school, and work for something – I will go crazy!

6. Being in the house with my partner is not the same as BEING with my partner. I make time for him, real quality time. Because he supports me in all of the crazy shit I do in life, so I have to make him part of it.

7. Vent to someone. Have someone professionally and personally to vent to. I love that I have a field instructor that I can pour all my social work troubles on. It’s such a relief for me. It’s also important to have someone personally to talk to when shit is just hitting the fan, or you want to cry because it’s all too much.

8. Sleep whenever you possibly can. I am no longer ashamed of sleeping in, sleeping early, or taking naps.

9. Tell people you know its hard (this is where our tough exteriors get the best of us – everyone thinks we are doing it with rainbows and sunshine and no worries!) I had someone who is also in school tell me how much they couldn’t do what I’m doing. But they have a family and work, too. Relate to them, and remind them of how badass they are, too! We are all in different places taking it one day at a time.

10. Oh yeah – Take it one day at a time and remember that one day, will be the day you are turning in your last assignment and graduating!


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