17 Things You’ll Always Miss About Your Ex-Best Friend

This brought back fond memories of my best friend in high school and my early 20’s. It’s amazing the journey that life takes us on. There are people meant to be here for a little while, a long while, and forever. Sometimes, it is hard to accept when it is not meant to be forever, but to instead embrace the memories and lessons they gave you.

Thought Catalog


1. All the promises you made together. The roadtrip you said you’d take someday. The celebratory shopping trip you’d take together after scoring your dream job. In the back of your head you still think about the things you said you’d do together someday and wonder how things would have turned out with your old partner in crime by your side.

2. Texting them when something major happens or you run into someone unexpected. Your sister does something totally ridiculous or you bump into an ex-boyfriend at the bar and the first impulse you have is to text your old best friend and be like, “OMG, you’re not going to believe who the hell I just ran into.”

3. Hearing all the details about their love life. The screenshots of tacky OK Cupid messages from random guys, the latest crush they were harboring serious feelings for, the guy they thought…

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