Fall Cycling in Alaska

Week ONE of graduate school classes down. I just took a new position as a Prevention Coordinator at a new agency. I start in another week and I could not be more excited! I worked probably 70 hours this past week, so I planned to take this weekend to do some homework and get in some running and riding. Well, Friday night had different plans. I ended up with the 24 hour stomach bug going around and spent all day yesterday resting in a different, un fun way. Today, I got to watch the beautiful fall leaves falling and the extremely warm fall temperatures as I caught up on schoolwork and continued to recover. So, I thought I would share some pictures from the past week of great weather and the one beautiful fall ride I did get in.

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Happy Fall! Get out and ride, run, or just have fun! 


Goodbye Summer & Hello Grad School


IMG_8599Well, Labor Day Weekend is the end of it all, especially in Alaska. I just spent the last “summer weekend” camping with some of my favorite people. I harvested what I could of my garden last week as Thursday night brought our first hard frost. The nights are chilly and the defrost button is remembering what it’s good for in my car. I have been so busy enjoying this incredible (yet wettest in 100 years) summer, that I am just now able to slow down for 5 minutes (yes, thats about all you get) to reflect and catch up on some blogging. I planned some awesome group bike rides and added some incredible people to my social circle (or “tribe” as some of my friends call us). I competed in several 5ks, a 10k and amazingly, I finished TWO sprint Triathlons. That is something I never saw myself doing! I took an amazing vacation with my best friend that came from Ohio. I went to an incredible women’s only workshop called “Becoming an Outdoors Woman.” That, I can truly say, changed my life in many ways. I camped and fished more this summer than I have since I was a kid. It makes me wish I could hit rewind or fast forward and start at the beginning of the summer. I am not ready for it to end and I am not ready to bust out the indoor bike trainer. The one thing I have to look forward to is my favorite race of the year – the Equinox Marathon Relay in a few weeks. I am holding out for good weather and pretending that fall/winter weather doesn’t really come until then (yes, I know I’m in full denial). 

IMG_8608As I sit here relaxing at my new roll top desk (awesome deal on Craigslist, btw) and listening to Jack Johnson, I just hit “purchase now” on the last of my grad school textbooks that I couldn’t get away with not buying. Tomorrow, I start orientation for my Master of Social Work program at USC. The intensive advanced standing program that I was both crazy enough to apply to and lucky enough to be accepted to starts next week. I can say goodbye to much of my personal/social life, so maybe the end of the summer and beginning of the cold is a good thing. Life is changing in so many ways. More than I expected this year. More than I expected all at one time. But here we go. A new season with many new scary and exciting beginnings to come. 


Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop – a bunch of awesome women! 


Group Ride to Cleary Summit 


Fishing for Pike



“What is it that’s hold you back, in #fearless2014?”