Self-Care During Training

self-careI am less than 2 weeks from my first TRI and yesterday, I did my first swim/bike transition workout – finally I got my bike off the trainer and on the road! Today, I’ll be doing a dry run of my TRI and after yesterday’s workout I feel completely confident for the first time in my training that I CAN do this. Last week, I had hit a wall in my training. I wasn’t paying attention to how I was eating and I was overwhelmed with everything else going on. By the way, training gluten free is not an easy task to overcome, but you can do it! Life gets away from us. Don’t let it. I just spent an amazing weekend in the city (Anchorage) regrouping and regaining energy. Even though I was still training there, I was relaxed and taking time for myself. Shopping, eating out on my own and without the stress of someone else’s schedule and then I spent a couple days with a friend hiking in the mountains. Without a weekend away, I would still be hitting my head on the wall.

So to everyone out there (my readers and friends) that are in training, providing direct-services to clients/consumers, those traveling and always on the go, I am telling you to TAKE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


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