A Year Older & a Million Years Fitter

1888529_649326955133090_322785436_nToday, I turn 29. Yes, all you young and beautiful people out there – it is true. Your 20s are gone in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to believe how close to 30 I am. I am over the halfway mark in my training for my first Triathlon, if you’ve been reading my other posts. Yesterday, I swam as hard as I could to try for my best 500 yard time (because for some reason, this sprint TRI is in yards, not meters?) and I went in with the assumption I could breathe through it and wouldn’t die. When I finished, I assumed the pool was short because I couldn’t believe I was capable of swimming that hard. Then I went home and biked because that’s what yesterday called for. The weekend is calling for a lot so today is my rest day. This is really, really hard for me. Take a rest day on my birthday, of all days? Usually I would want to start the day off with a nice circuit workout at my gym, or whatever they have on the menu. But I have decided to take the day to treat myself in a different way and enjoy a day off from training and a date night with the love of my life. This weekend I’ll celebrate with a 5k race to kick off the running season and a fitness birthday party (yep – that’s how you celebrate in style). But for today, I will live simple and relax – enjoying the fact that I am so lucky and so blessed to be where I am right now.

newdays Ladies & gents, I am proudly 29 and in the best shape of my life. Today, I am happier, healthier and stronger than I could have ever imagined. This is one amazing life and I have the most amazing people in it that live here and around the world. My simple message to you is this: Push yourself. There’s more in you and more out there for you than you think. It is never too late to change, to learn new things, to grow, to have new friends. Live life to the fullest. Today, tomorrow, and forever.  #fearless2014

goals600825_422909964472711_1340339067_nthankful people




5 thoughts on “A Year Older & a Million Years Fitter

    • You’ll have the time of your life! Enjoy being young! I feel younger now than when I was 20. I guess I feel younger now but wiser. How lucky I am?!

      • That’s awesome! haha, people always say enjoy being young, but I don’t know what to do to enjoy it ahahaha i’m just doing what I always do! ahahaha. that’s awesome, you’re so positive! xx

      • I would say enjoy it by always being willing to try something new, meeting new people, traveling to new places, AND always taking care of yourself! I learned that more recently. Changing my lifestyle to be fit and healthy was something that changed my life in a million ways and then I changed the way I ate in order take care of myself. What a difference! Always take time for yourself AND always take time for your friends and family. Make yourself a lifelong bucket list to finish that includes lots of little and lots of big stuff. Remember that every little thing is an accomplishment and matters.

      • That’s a really nice motto to have! be willing to try new things, meeting new people, travelling to new places anddd make lifelong bucketlist! got it 😉 thanks for the advice, you are very wise! ;P

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