Cycling for a Cause: 50k Tour De Cure

The time for my Tour de Cure race is getting closer and closer! I am still fundraising – friends,family and readers! Join my cause!

Alaska Girl Living

Hey Friends, Family & Blog Readers!

Here in Alaska, it’s been warm and we are getting so much sun (gaining almost 7 minutes a day)! Which means spring is around the corner and reminds me that I should be getting hard into my training mode. I’m training for my first Triathlon this May! It’s so exciting! But even more importantly, I’m training to ride 50k in the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure cycling event on May 31st here in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Why am I riding?

For my community and the many neighbors, friends, and consumers that I work with every day that deal with Type I and Type II diabetes. Recently, I have known two individuals who have lived with diabetes for many years and had a heart attack. Now, they are working to change the way they eat, the way they exercise and essentially, their entire lifestyle…

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