Feeding my TRIathlon training

It’s hard to believe that I just finished week 3 of my Triathlon training, which means 5 weeks from tomorrow I’ll be competing in my first TRI. The encouragement of my good friend (great, actually) April is probably the whole reason I signed up. Swimming is not my strong point and I hear her yelling in my ear to just do, jump in, swim your laps and “I promise, it’ll be easier and you’ll feel more confident.” This week, I hit that point in my swimming. She also gave me this awesome book:


Adding in training for the first time this year also means finding a balance in fitting everything in. Today, I sat debating on doing a 15k or so XC ski with some friends or using a rest day wisely so I could go on a leisurely ski tomorrow with my friend April. I have always been an advocate of rest days, but now, they are becoming much more restful and around the house. My body sure knows how to tell me how to spend my days. So I started off the day right with some oat pancakes (see recipe: https://akgirlruns.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/gluten-free-oat-waffles-one-awesome-accident/).



Why not enjoy a homemade paleo latte?



Paleo blender latte

2-3 cups organic coffee, brewed (I like dark roast)
1/2 cup coconut milk
1 tbsp coconut oil
dash of vanilla extract & cinnamon (optional)

Blend all ingredients in high speed blender for about 30 seconds. Pour in your favorite mug and add dash of cinnamon. Mmm! Coffee Tip: If you use a Keurig (like I do), I use a reusable filter and brew my own coffee as a small cup, and run it through twice (so, run two small cups). It makes the coffee stronger.



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