A How-To for Homemade Trail-mix

I recently discovered the joy of making my own trail mix! I’m still working with different ingredients, and the right mix of each, but it’s great having a trail mix you love and know you’ll eat all of!

To top, I add a similar mix to my morning oatmeal (usually dried berries such as cranberries or cherries, flax seed, walnuts and almonds).


I started by hitting up the bulk section. My local grocery store has one, and we have an organic co-op that has a larger one. I picked out and bagged all of the things I wanted that just happened to be packed with the right nutrients that you need to keep going (see why this is double great?)


Stick it in a gallon size bag and shake. Divide how you want in whatever containers you want. I like keeping it in the bag for traveling on the road, but also love using mason jars for smaller portions and to keep at my desk.


So tell me, what goes in your trail mix?


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