2014 in Preview: Running and Fitness Goals


This year, I decided enough with New Year’s resolutions! There are many things I intend to work towards and achieve this year, not simply because it’s 2014 and it’s a new year, but because it’s what I do all the time. I set goals; I work towards them, and then (in all hopes) exceed in achieving them. Sometimes we take a step forward just to take two steps back, but if we are always looking forward then we will continue to move forward.

So I recently sat and pondered, then got lost in the holidays, then pondered some more, cross-country skied a bunch, and then looked at the schedules that finally came out for 2014. Then I sat with my planner (yep, this is the part where I got really excited) and started to plan out my 2014. What races did I have goal of finishing this year, what are my race goals, any lifestyle changes I need to commit to? Here’s a short list of what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Get back to my AM routine. Finally the holiday schedules are over! AM workouts are the best!
  2. Eat Small. Eat Often. Eat Whole. www.facebook.com/eatsmalleatofteneatwhole
  3. XC Ski Tour of Anchorage 25k (March) www.anchoragenordicski.com/tour_of_anchorage.html
  4. XC Ski Sonot Kkaazook 25k (March) http://sonotkkaazoot.wordpress.com/
  5. Beat Beethoven in the Beat Beethoven 5k (April)
  6. Finish my first Triathlon – The Breakup Tri (May)
  7. Fundraise for and finish my fist bike race – Tour De Cure 50k (May)
  8. Complete Midnight Sun Run 10k Sub-60 (June)
  9. Run my first half marathon (postponed from 2013 due to injury)
  10. Bike the Denali National Park Highway

How can you set and achieve your goals?

  • Make a bucket list for the next year, 2 years, 3 years… maybe a lifelong goal of running the Boston Marathon or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (come on, you know you want to!)
  • Put it on your fridge, your calendar, your mirror! Make it your phone’s screensaver.
  • Email what you plan to do to your friends & family. I know from experience when you tell people what you plan to do, they expect you to do it!  
  • Sign UP! When you sign up for an event, you’re more committed to it!
  • Set a goal for the race that’s personal for you. It could be that you want to finish, you want to run the whole race, run a sub-30 5k or a sub-60 10k.
  • Train with a buddy and/or find a buddy to race with you!  
  • Find a group! Every community has running, biking and hiking groups. If you live in a place like I do, you might have ski and snowshoeing groups. Maybe places have women-only groups, too!  
  • Want to run a race, but struggling to find motivation? Find a cause that’s meaningful to you. Where does the money you pay to sign up go? Some of it goes to the t-shirt you get and to running the event. The rest may go to local school programs, local non-profits, or causes such as autism, diabetes or breast cancer.  Fun Runs such as The Color Run are run by for-profit organizations that donate a small portion of the profits to a local organization in the community that the event is being held, but fun runs are a great way to get together with friends and get started in running!

It doesn’t have to be a new year to make changes in your life, to set and achieve goals, or to be a better you; but I encourage all of you to seize whatever day of the year it is – and DO JUST THAT.

What are YOUR goals?! I want to know! Post them in the comments and share them with me, share them on your facebook, on your own blog, with your friends & family! Add to them all year long and remember – write down when and where you achieve them!


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