Running at 30 below

Today’s Date & Location: December 16th, 2013 in Fairbanks, Alaska
Temperature: -35 in town… around -28 at my house
Sunrise/Sunset: 10:54am/2:39pm – 5 days until we gain light again!
Listening to: Running mix on my iPod Shuffle
Success of the Day: 2.5 miles on my coldest subzeo run to date!

As I was driving home from work this afternoon, I wondered what I was going to do. Veg out and watch TV? Work on more handmade Christmas presents? It was well below 0 outside, and our weekly LOL group (an all women’s cross-country ski group) had been canceled since the temperature cutoff is -16 and in the hills, it was around -20 today. I even thought about going skiing anyway. Then I looked over and saw someone running, and not for their life or to catch the bus. It was someone as crazy as me and all of my running and ski friends. Then I thought of a woman in my running group, Cathi. She runs everyday, no matter the temperature. Today, Cathi would be my inspiration. It didn’t matter how cold it was, today I was going to go home, gear up and RUN.


Pre-Run – How much gear does it take?

So how does one gear up to run in -30 degree weather? There is the saying that there is never bad weather, only bad gear. Layer in the right clothing, and cover your face with the right gear, and you are set. But what about gadgets? They work too. I wore my GPS watch, under my coat to protect it, with no problems. My headlamp survived the weather (that was a test I was happy it survived!) and my ipod goes under my clothing too. Gear works – just protect it like you do your skin.

My favorite part? Keeping my butt warm enough and not overheating my hands. It’s a balance that takes time to figure out. My second favorite part? The icicles that form on my hair and eyelashes (they make them want to stick together). My pictures did not dipict that well enough.


Post-Run faces

Remember, there is no bad weather, only bad gear! Find yourself some inspiration, and go run, ski, snowshoe – whatever it may be that keeps you active, happy and healthy!


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